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Etsuka is an experienced Japanese teacher who is also a mother of two. She has taught Japanese for many years and she knows that children learn best when they are engaged in fun hands on activities.
Etsuka believes that every child should eat nutritious food and have good eating habits from a young age. Especially now Etsuka has two young children, she knows how important it is for them to eat a variety of food for a balanced diet. However, it can sometimes be tricky to have children (or even adults) eat everything on their plates. That's how she became interested in making "kyara-ben", which is a shortened word for "character bento box (lunch box)". 
"Kyara-ben" features food decorated to look like people, characters from popular media, animals, and plants. "Kyara-ben" was intended to interest children in their food and to encourage them to eat a wider range of food.
Etsuka is confident that children making their own "kyara-ben" lunch will intrigue them to become more interested in what they eat and become healthy eaters. Teaching children to eat healthily can also be so much fun!
Etsuka's mission is to transform children into healthy eaters and celebrate Japanese culture and its unique cuisine.
Etsuka is a certified "Food and Nutrition Education Practice Planner (食育実践プランナー)".
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